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"I made a time machine, and I made a yesterday. And look what happened."

A multi-layered time-travel story that starts with Paxton delving into his past. He wants vengeance, and his time machine—which he barely understands—can give it to him. And all without the paradoxes. But there is less to Paxton's world than he realises. Much less.

Pierce is Paxton's mentor. Pierce is smart and charismatic and highly evolved, but he cannot help Paxton. And Pierce has bigger fish to fry.

Yesterday Makers is an exploration of reality, perception, and consciousness. There is sadness, and nostalgia, and yearning, hints of love and violence, and the urge to put things right.

A creative act—a weird collaboration between a woman and a machine—underpins everything. But everything has a cost. So fire up the interface engines, listen to the machines, and enjoy this unique take on time travel. This is science fiction to make you think.

Yesterday Makers incorporates an extended version of my short story Pierce My Bubble (which has been withdrawn) and adds more layers. Many more. And the time ships are getting brighter. Much brighter.

This novella explores consciousness, machine intelligence (AI), identity, philosophical zombies, and temporal paradoxes.


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ISBN: 978-0-9943704-4-0 Kindle Edition


Published 25 July 2016, by Russell Kightley, Canberra

CREATING THE BOOK: I wrote it over about 12 months, mainly using the brilliant writing software SCRIVENER by Literature and Latte.

CREATING THE COVER: The exploding brain on the book cover was created in Cheetah3D, my 3D companion for many years. See all on my images on brains and consciousness.


I have to give this short and quite marvellous time travel tale a big 5 stars, it had me thinking and brought back my dwindling quest for answers. The story is told from a variety of copies, of people, we never really know who is a copy and who is real, the characters come and go and some are very short lived. I admit at times I was confused and had to re-read and re-read sections, but isn't that what time travelling would be about, confusion and repeat. The main 'evil' character was a bit of a let-down and seemed to get her comeuppance too quickly, but this is a novella and as such I forgive this. Overall, the small negatives were overcome by the big picture and view of time and us. Give it a read, you'll enjoy it and you'll think.

Jeremy Poole

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Time travel has always been my favourite genre and this book explores that and consciousness (my other favourite thing).

I'm a scientific illustrator, and have been since 1981. I worked at Stanford University (Medical Center) in California in the early 80s and studied at the Australian National University (Graduate Diploma in Electronic Arts in 1997). I spent many years making medical videos (scripting, directing and illustrating), and those productions won lots of awards. My first one was a CINE Golden Eagle in 1984. I now work chiefly in 3D, creating science graphics.


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